AIM Safety Bundles


A collaboration of healthcare, federal, private, and not-for-profit, providers, and organizations advocating to improve the health and safety of mothers within the State. This will be accomplished through the implementation of data-driven evidence-based best practices initiatives bundled to standardize and track outcomes.


Obstetric Hemorrhage

The obstetric hemorrhage bundle is the first initiative for GaPQC. It consists of 4 domains that provide fundamental pathways for the assessment and identification of maternal hemorrhage. The recommended tools will help to effectively manage emergencies as well as provide direction on preventive measures and processes for accounting and reviewing incidences and optimizing educational opportunities to improve outcomes.


Severe Hypertension

As a major contributor to maternal mortality, the hypertension bundle provides a systematic process for risk assessment and recognition of the disease process that can culminate in a crisis. This future safety initiative will equip health care providers with guidance for timely and appropriate implementation of treatment protocols that are inline with best clinical practice.  

Post-Partum Larcs


The long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARCs) initiative enables recipients to access this method of family planning in the immediate post-partum period. LARCs has proven to be a reliable and frequently desired option for women with the advantages of reducing unintended pregnancy and promoting spacing between childbearing.